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4 Maps of DevOps by Peter Maddison #AgileIndia Lite 2021


Although DevOps practices deliver incredible benefits to organizations looking to improve their software delivery practices, the larger positive impact of DevOps to delivering value is often harder to realize. A set of practices we've found to help organizations is something we call the 4 Maps of DevOps. 
Fitting nicely in between the 3 ways and 5 ideals, the 4 maps consist of Outcome Mapping, Value Stream Mapping, Dependency Mapping and Capability Mapping. They help you create a powerful roadmap that is outcomes-focused and targeted at the most important problems. Through this talk, I'll walk through the benefits these maps produce, how they relate to one another and the problems you can target with them.  I'll go through some real-life examples of using these maps to help organizations. This talk is for anybody who is struggling to work out where to start or where to go next with their adoption of DevOps.
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