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97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know (Teaser) • Freeman, Harvey & Williams • GOTO 2022


Migrating to the cloud has become a “sine qua non” these days. The compact articles in 97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know inspect the entirety of cloud computing, including fundamentals, architecture and migration. You'll go through security and compliance, operations and reliability and software development. And examine networking, organizational culture, and more. Find out the story behind the benefits of curating such a community-driven book from the co-editors Emily Freeman, head of DevOps product marketing at AWS, Nathen Harvey, developer advocate at Google Cloud, and Chris Williams, cloud therapist and principal cloud solutions architect for World Wide Technologies.
The interview is based on Emily's & Nathen's co-edited book "97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know": Find out more in the upcoming GOTO Book Club episode. Release date: Thursday, November 17, 2022
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Emily Freeman - Head of DevOps Product Marketing, Head of Community Engagement at AWS & Co-Editor of "97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know" Nathen Harvey - Developer Advocate at Google Cloud and Co-Editor of "97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know" @Nathen Harvey
Chris Williams - Cloud Therapist at World Wide Technology
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