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A Case-study in Rewriting a Legacy GUI Library for Real-time Audio Software in Modern C++

English --- A case-study in the design and development of iZotope's GUI framework, for real-time audio software, using C++17 to eliminate common sources of bugs and increase developer productivity. To illustrate this process, we will study GlassProperties, a new open-source library for property serialization and accessor method synthesis. While designed to support building GUIs for real-time audio software, GlassProperties is a general purpose framework not tied to any one GUI library and could easily be adapted into your GUI or any part in your tech stack.
We will cover the library design process, starting with analysis of legacy code and bugs to develop user problem statements. These user problems will be our guide for wrapping a legacy system with a new type-safe API using C++17 compile-time meta-programming so that run-time bugs become compile-time errors. Once we arrive at a C++17 design, we will close with a brief look to the future and how the library would look with C++20 Concepts.
In addition to learning the software design techniques to succeed in this rewrite, some lessons learned will be shared so you will be armed with both the C++ skills and business strategy to take on a project like this at your organization.
--- Roth Michaels
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