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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Publishing Research Articles


Presented by Women Who Code Data Science Speaker: Poojita Garg, Hosted by Hema Ramaswamy and Moderated by Zarreen Reza
Topic: A Hitchhiker's Guide to Publishing Research Articles
Poojita Garg is a recent computer science graduate, currently working as Research Intern at Georgia Tech (USA) and IIT Ropar (India). She is enthusiastic about learning new technologies/ programming languages and likes applying them in real-world use cases. She has authored 4 technical publications and has been granted a patent for one of her inventions. She is also a passionate advocate for women in technology and serves as track evangelist for Women Who Code Mobile and track lead for Women Who Code Python. When she is not a techie nerd, she is learning a new language, playing notes on her guitar or even dancing on some beat.
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