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A New Decade of Visual Studio: C++20, Open STL, and More - Marian Luparu & Sy Brand - CppCon 2020

English --- As C++20 brings new features for C++ programmers at all levels of experience, so does our last year of work on Visual Studio and MSVC. New versions of the IDE have brought new productivity features and experience improvements for all developers, no matter what platforms they are targeting. Our open source standard library has seen contributions from across the C++ ecosystem, improving in conformance and performance. We've been hard at work on key C++20 compiler features like Concepts. We're also working on bold new ways of working on C++ projects with cloud environments.
Come along to hear about all of these as well as announcements about the future of our tools.
--- Marian Luparu Microsoft Principal Product Lead, C++ Team Seattle, WA
Sy Brand Microsoft Edinburgh, Scotland
--- Streamed & Edited by Digital Medium Ltd - [email protected]