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A (Short) Tour of C++ Modules - Daniela Engert - CppCon 2021

English --- Modules are probably the most impactful and most transformative recent major addition to the C++ language. From a user perspective, Modules are conceptually simple and the idea is easy to grasp. And with the C++20 ecosystem maturing, using Modules and adopting them into every-day programming is both feasable and advantageous.
But what is the motivation that lead to the invention of Modules and their inclusion into the standard? How do they look like? Which are the three key features of C++ Modules that exist since the inception of the language, that are mostly irrelevant in the typical usage of 'classical' C++ such that hardly any programmer needs to know much about them but a Modules developer does? What surprises might lie on the path of transforming a classical library into a Module? Are there still any issues, loose ends or open questions regarding Modules?
The talk will try to give a comprehensive answer to those questions. The audience shall get enough information to decide when the right time has come for them to take the plunge and move their codebase to Modules wherever it is advantageous.
--- Daniela Engert
Daniela has a degree in electrical engineering and has been working for more than 30 years in small innovative companies in the field of software and hardware development. She has spent her youth with exploring the very first microprocessors since the late 70's, and has been creating software professionally for 40 years now. After a long time using many different programming languages, C++ has now been the exclusive workhorse throughout the last two decades. With great pleasure Daniela is now also a member of the ISO C++ committee. For the better part of her career, the domain was applied digital signal processing (medicine, metrology, reconnaissance), but during the last decade the focus shifted onto special engineering in the field of industrial non-destructive testing of semi-finished and finished steel products using ultrasound. Besides that, she loves to relax with hard metal and soft cheese, hot curries and cool jazz.
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