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Accessibility Through the Eyes of a Deaf Professional

11.07.2017 at AngularConnect 2017


Svetlana Kouznetsova

People with disabilities make the largest minority comprising the market size of China, but their needs are sadly the most misunderstood and ignored. Accessibility is an important part of any projects and not to be used as an afterthought or as a separate part. Also, it’s everyone’s responsibility to make their products and services accessible regardless of the industry. Accessibility benefits everyone and not just those with disabilities - including businesses who can improve their bottom lines due to having more happy and loyal customers.
Sveta will share her personal experiences as a deaf professional and discuss some accessibility examples. Her presentation will be delivered in sign language, voiced by sign language interpreters, and captioned in real time to make it more accessible to a wider audience.
Svetlana (Sveta) is a NYC-based user experience and accessibility consultant helping businesses make their products and services user-friendly and accessible. Sveta is also a founder of Audio Accessibility and provides consultation and training to businesses about quality communication access to audio, video, events. She is an experienced speaker and author of 'Sound Is Not Enough: Captioning as Universal Design'.