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Alex Ruheni - Fullstack type safety (Remix edition) - TypeScript Berlin Meetup #10


TypeScript enables a better developer experience and increases confidence for developers when building applications. However, when data has to flow through the different layers of an application, from the database, through the API to the frontend, its safety guarantees get lost on the boundaries of each layer.
In this talk, we’ll discuss the idea of end-to-end type safety, its concrete implementation using Remix, Zod, and Prisma, and how it’s a joy to work with.
Alex is a Developer Advocate at Prisma, working to make databases easy and fun. He loves learning and teaching other developers. Every once in a while, he procrastinates by preaching to other developers to adopt Ts. At best, he's also a mediocre photographer, but the camera covers that up for him.
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