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Algorithms & Interview Prep - Mock Interview


Presented by WWCode San Francisco Topic: Mock Interview Speakers: Daniella D'Souza, Gabriela Martinez Moderator: Monica Parrillo
Problem 1: Problem 2:
Learn from mentors in our community as they act out a remote technical interview, followed by an audience Q&A.
Gabriela Martinez (Twitter:
Gabriela is a Software Engineer and Platform Architect currently working at Wizeline, where she collaborates, designs and implements solutions for cloud platforms like AWS or Azure. Previously she worked at Oracle on the VM's provisioning for the cloud, and earlier at MySQL on the Connector/net and the Entity Framework Provider products. She implemented several of the features that provided the support of the driver's first versions supporting .net core. She also volunteers in organizations like Technovation, and OmegaUp, mentoring students that are starting a software developer career.
Daniella D’Souza (LinkedIn:
Daniella is a Senior Software Engineer at Heritage Robotics. Prior to Heritage Robotics, she worked at IBM and NCR. She earned her BS in Computer Science from the University of Mumbai. She is an Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Mentor, and Coaches Robotics teams.
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