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Angular Builders – Creating Custom Builder from Scratch (Advanced, 2022)


Angular builders are nodejs scripts executed by Angular CLI and perform different tasks like application build, serving the app, or running a different kinds of tests. You can create your own builders that can perform some particular tasks for your Angular application and in this tutorial, you will learn how to do that. At the end of this video, we will build a custom builder that patches the application build information in a dedicated JSON file, the JSON file name can be configured by providing custom options for the builder, and additionally, you will learn how to schedule another target from your custom builder. I am pretty sure you will learn a lot of cool stuff today. Enjoy! :)
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Time Codes: 00:00:00 - Intro; 00:01:14 - Project Description; 00:02:10 - What we are going to build; 00:02:39 - Implementing a custom architect target; 00:05:35 - Creating an NPM package for the builder; 00:07:26 - Describing builders in the builder.json file; 00:11:15 - Creating TypeScript compilation pipeline for builder package; 00:18:51 - Implementing basic builder logic; 00:23:18 - Linking the builder NPM package with the target project (npm link); 00:27:53 - Feature 1 - Patching the build info; 00:34:10 - Feature 2 - Builder customization using options; 00:37:45 - Feature 3 - Schedule other targets from the builder; 00:43:33 - How it works with configurations (dev, prod, etc); 00:45:50 - Quick Recap; 00:49:36 - Outro & Announcements;
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