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Angular Community Meetup | Interviewing Tips & Tricks | James Spivey & STG Consultants


James Spivey | Director of Engineering at Cisco | @myspivey
Craig North, Christina Larsen, & Shane Ralphs from Software Technology Group (STG) | @STGConsulting
Whether you're currently looking for a job or plan to at ANY point in your career (ahem, ALL of us), this month's Meetup is all about helping YOU with the ins and outs of finding and securing a new job as a programmer!
Joining the panel are James Spivey, Director of Engineering at Cisco, & Software Technology Group (STG), leading industry experts and technology partners.
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The Angular Community was founded with the primary goal to help developers from across the globe, regardless of skill level, to learn and level up their Angular skills. Our meetings include a variety of technical and non-technical presentations, job networking, engagement, games, prizes, and FUN!
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