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Angular Community Meetup | March 2022 | Jay Bell, Aristeidis Bampakos, & Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen


This month's Angular Community Meetup featured:
Jay Cooper Bell - Jay is an Angular GDE and CTO/Co-Founder @Social Enterprise Running Angular Service layer in Web Workers - We will walk through the process of bootstrapping an Angular application within a Web Worker while communicating between multiple Web Workers and the main Angular app (main thread w/ DOM) using Broadcast channel.
Aristeidis Bampakos - Aristeidis is an Angular GDE | Team Lead @Plex-Earth Testing components with Angular CDK - Whether you are using the Angular Material library or building a 3rd party component library by yourself, Angular CDK provides all the necessary infrastructure to help you test your components. In this talk, we will learn about the Angular CDK component harness, a mechanism that enables you to write robust, readable, and concise tests for your Angular components.
Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen - Lars is a Tech Speaker, Tech Writer, FOSS Maintainer, and Microsoft MVP. GitHub Actions and workflows Abstract: Lars introduces GitHub Actions and GitHub action workflows and answers the following questions. What can GitHub workflows automate? What can trigger GitHub action workflows? Which types of GitHub Actions can we pick from when implementing our own that are either project-specific or published on GitHub Marketplace? Finally, a CI workflow for an Angular project is demonstrated.
The Angular Community Meetup is an online monthly meetup sponsored by ng-conf.
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