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#Angular DevTools - First Overview (Angular 12, 2021)


Angular 12 brings a lot of cool features and one of them I would like to show you in this video. Here we are talking about Angular DevTool - the Chrome extension which will help you to debug your Angular Apps easier. It might remind you the similar extension called Augury but unlike Augury the Angular DevTool supports IVY renderer. It has got not so much features so far but it is the very first step and I have been looking forward for new features which can bump the debugging process on a completely new level. Enjoy watching!
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00:00:00 - Intro; 00:01:10 - Install Angular DevTools extension; 00:02:59 - How to debug components; 00:07:45 - Profiling and Change Detection debugging; 00:15:58 - Outro;
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