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Angular Dynamic Pages

11.07.2017 at AngularConnect 2017


Jesus Rodriguez & Ward Bell

The Angular pages you know are mostly static. They are fixed component trees, fully described by their templates. In Angular the component template and class are inseparable.
They are compiled together into a single execution unit during the build. It's hard to imagine an Angular application that generates a runtime custom dashboard or a data-driven questionnaire ... or the free-form pages of Angular's own documentation at
Can it be done? It is done! In the official, open-source, Angular documentation viewer, each document page is a unique blend of HTML content and Angular components​ drawn from a widget toolbox. A page can display any of the widgets, in any combination, placed anywhere on the page.
The documentation viewer itself has no idea what these pages look like. Learn how we do it and imagine how you can apply these techniques to build dynamic pages in your own application.
Jesus is both a Technical Writer and a Software Developer. His passion is to teach people how to be better developers.
Ward is a co-founder of IdeaBlade, a consultancy specializing in web applications for business and the makers of the Breeze.js and DevForce data management libraries. Ward is a regular conference speaker, a developer, and a Microsoft MVP.