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Angular Elements and Zone-Less components in production | Michael Hladky

English Angular Elements and Zone-Less components in production Preconditions: As a precondition, we assume you already know the basics of web components and angular elements. Many things are already written or recorded and we have a good overview of the basics. How about elements in production? They can be used in a variety of ways:
stand-alone or in an angular project
zone-less or zone-full
styles encapsulated or open
Furthermore what about all the problems with manual change detection or the problem of multiple zone instances? Third-party libs also bring a lot of problems we need to solve. Current approaches bring a lot of ugly hacks as well as multiple versions of `polyfills.ts` and `main.ts`. Also, some of the problems remained unsolved until today. Let's change this! In this talk, we will:
learn the main 4 bundling strategies that pay off in real-life
What to consider if we write zone-less components
How to control different bundling strategies over the architect API
How to link bundle settings to our components
In the end, you can copy ANY angular component into the project and build it for all scenarios in one single command. You will further be able to create code that works without zone.js and get, faster, even smaller bundles.
Michael Hladky - Consultant/Trainer, Google Developer Expert in Angular | Austria He is a Google Developer Expert and an active part of the community. As co-founder of the Angular-Austria association, organizer of Angular-Vienna and NestJS-Vienna Meetup he grows the Austrian community. He is a developer, trainer and consultant with the focus on Angular as well as ionic and surrounding technologies, and gives workshops on Angular, RxJs and Typescript.
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