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Angular for the Visual Learner


Presented by WWCode San Diego Speakers: Sam Brennan (@thelittlestdev) and Bonnie Brennan (@bonnster75)
Once upon a time, Bonnie tried to teach her daughter Samantha Angular. This should have been easy because Bonnie is an Angular GDE and Sam was excited to learn but it turned out Sam is dyslexic so it’s hard for her to learn just by reading text. Videos are easier but most programming tutorials are still full of text. So, Sam set out to Change the World and Angular for the Visual Learner began. If you remember Sam’s early efforts with claymation, wait til you see what she’s doing now with digital 3D! This year, Bonnie left enterprise consulting and joined forces with Sam. Together, they’re bringing the Angular docs to life in a fun, visual, way in live workshops on Bonnie visited last year to show us Dynamic Component Architecture but it was 4am in The Netherlands so Sam was asleep. This year, Bonnie told Sam how much fun she had visiting us so they’re BOTH waking up early to see us! If you’d like to learn about Angular’s Isolated Change Detection, grab some coffee and come learn Angular the easy way with Sam and Bonnie.
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