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#Angular #Material #CDK — Drag and Drop between Lists [Mid-level, 2021]


In this #Angular #tutorial you will learn how to implement basic Drag and Drop functionality using Angular CDK. You will find out how to make any element on your page draggable and how to drop it into another container. Besides this, we will fix a very common bug when during the dragging of an element, you have wrong repositioning. I hope you will learn something new today. Enjoy and do not forget to share this video.
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Time Codes: 00:00:00 - Intro; 00:00:38 - Let get started; 00:15:11 - Add some animation; 00:15:34 - Fix a buggy reordering during an element dragging; 00:18:41 - Outro & Announsments;
Link to the source code:
#angulartutorial #angulardragdrop #webdevelopment