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Angular Online Event #7


Alex Okrushko, Fabian Gosebrink, Orestes Carracedo & Eliran Eliassy

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Alex Okrushko - Local state management with @ngrx/component-store
Abstract: Synchronizing state within the app and backends is one of the most complicated parts of writing web applications. There are a number of solutions for global/app-wide state management, however a more localized state was left behind. Let me introduce the latest addition to NgRx family of libraries - @ngrx/component-store - a standalone library for managing local/component state, which intends to be a replacement of "services with a Subject". In this talk we'll discuss what "state" is, go over some APIs of ComponentStore and peek into "best practices".
Fabian Gosebrink - Architecting Angular Applications with Angular Libraries
Abstract: Angular offers a large ecosystem when it comes to separation and architecture of your application. There are often pieces of code that you don't just want to reuse within your application, but to make available to other applications in your organization or via package managers like npm over the Internet. This is where angular libraries come into play. In this talk, Fabian Gosebrink explores the way Angular Libraries are built, what the Angular Package format is good for, and how we can move code from an existing application to an Angular Library to reuse the code across one or multiple applications! This makes scaling and the architecture of angular applications a breeze.
Orestes Carracedo - As fast as possible: pre-rendering your Angular projects with Scully.
Level: Intermediate
Bio: Entrepreneur, software engineer, speaker, mentor and community lead. Working on Navigo, a personal security startup.
Eliran Eliassy - Let your components consumers control the template
Abstract: It is an often scenario when you building one simple component, with the required functionality, and then these component consumers requesting support for more and more UI changes.
So what's the best way to customize components with Angular? What are ThemplateRefs and how we can you the ngTemplateOutlet to let our consumers full control our components?
Join me for a session and find out how to create your own generic component template.
Bio: Founder & CEO @ Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Angular. Writer @ Angular enthusiast, Public speaker, Community leader.