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#Angular Router Guards Pt.1: CanActivate vs CanActivateChild (2021)


Angular Router Guards are very powerful feature which gives you control over access to some certain route. In this video tutorial we will have a look at 2 of available routes: CanActivate and CanActivateChild. We will see use-cases for both of them and figure out how to properly choose between them. As a bonus part I will show you a design pattern called "Component-Less Route". Thanks for your attention and enjoy watching ;)
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00:00:00 - Intro; 00:00:55 - Project Overview; 00:04:40 - Implementation of CanActivate Guard; 00:11:25 - Restrictions of CanActivate Guard; 00:16:11 - CanActivateChild Guard in Action; 00:18:26 - Component-Less Route Pattern; 00:24:15 - Outro;
🔗 Link to the source code on GitHub:
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