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Angular Schematics — How to Generate Custom Component (advanced)


In this video, we will continue to explore angular schematics and I am going to show you have to create a schematic that will generate a custom component for you with an already pre-injected Angular service. This video is an extension of the previous one where we were implementing the ng-add schematic. I hope you will learn something new today and please enjoy the video.
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Time Codes: 00:00:00 - Intro; 00:01:04 - Quick walk through the project; 00:04:23 - Implementing the schematics to generate a custom component; 00:07:56 - What is Schematic Schema; 00:11:57 - Define an interface for options; 00:13:00 - Implementing factory function for the schematics; 00:15:44 - About Schematics Templates;\ 00:21:37 - Continue work on Schematic factory function; 00:34:08 - How to reuse existing schematics; 00:40:06 - Outro;
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