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Angular Tetris | Trung Vo - Svelte basics | Li Hau


Speaker: Trung Vo
Trung is a front-end engineer who creates beautiful, performant web applications with delightful user experiences. Trung's currently with @cakedefi. He has four years of working continuously with Angular and is a community leader @angular Vietnam, a group with more than 13k members. He writes, codes, and talks about Angular. Curious. Not a coffee drinker.
About the talk: I'll share the development challenge while building Angular Tetris -
- Draw a tetris board and the tetrominos - Animation/Timer - Keyboard - Sounds
🔶 🇸 🔗 Introduction to Svelte actions
Speaker: Li Hau Tan
Hi, I'm Li Hau. Frontend Engineer at Shopee. I like to create bugs and fix them. Recently I am trying to make YouTube video tutorials. Also, I am currently a maintainer of Svelte, hopefully it meant less bug for Svelte.
About the talk: I understand that not everyone has tried Svelte, not everyone knows about Svelte. Instead of giving a high-level overview of everything Svelte, I am going to share 1 Svelte feature, and hope that gives everyone a glimpse of Svelte.