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Angular vs React in 2021. Which one is better JavaScript framework?


Slobodan Gajic

Which one is better JavaScript framework? What is the best JavaScript framework? React and Angular are the two most popular JavaScript technologies in the Frontend world, and I wanted to give you my opinion on which one is better.
As this one is a never-ending discussion, and I see so many discussions on different platforms but I don't necessarily agree with all of them.


So wondering who is better angular or react, maybe you're just starting and you don't know which one to choose. Or maybe you already know one framework, but you're not sure. Should you invest time in learning the second one? I'm going to try to answer some of these questions, so please stay until end of this video. Hi, I'm Slobodan. Let me first explain what each of these are so really small JavaScript library created for you by Facebook. They wanted to separate their application to smaller pieces so they can use on different places without duplicating their code. Actually, on the other hand, we have an ANGULAR, which is for one framework created by a Google on top of typescript. They wanted basically to provide a complete solution to the application and they are packed in with a lot of features. And it's large, huge framework, like I said before. Who is more popular, white even matters, it matters a lot if you're trying to find a job, if you're not technology, which is a lot popular, you're going to get higher chances of getting that job, actually. And also, if you're developing or just learning the technology, if you get stuck at one point, community is large and you're going to get a lot of help and fast. So if you check AMPM downloads Stacho for questions and jobs and also starts on GitHub by far is popular at this point. So who is more powerful when we see powerful women, who actually has more features and what you can build with this technology and underreact react is really powerful. UI library ANGULAR has a lot more features than react out of the box. You can get a lot of things like routing, animations, authentication, lazy loading pipes, directives, etc. So there is a lot of thinking in angular and actually you will need a lot of time to learn all of these things. Is the upgrade, so when you finally finish your application development, can you want to keep it updated? And these technologies are evolving every three or six months, they release new thing, new version. So you need to keep an eye on third party libraries. And if your new version is not compatible with the previous one, maybe you are going to break some of the libraries on ANGULAR. Actually, you just need to keep an eye on your framework. And in most cases you just need to see a lot and you're good to go. So it's definitely much easier to upgrade HENGGELER than react. So you're a junior developer and you want to learn your first technology. There are a couple of things you need to consider. Which one is easier to learn and which one will give you a higher chance of getting your first job, actually, or second job or just in general getting a job. So like we discussed before, react is smaller, lightweight, and it has less features. So it's a lot, lot, lot easier to learn. And also it will give you a lot more chances to get a job. I highly suggest that the first technology should be react, but also I advise you and highly suggest that you learn both of these eventually. So to conclude which one is better, in my opinion, they are both great and you're not going to make a mistake with learning one or another. To me, it's just a matter of mindset. And actually, do you want to have more freedom to interact with other frameworks and libraries? And you, for example, work in a start with a smaller team, then react is better choice. And for example, if you work in a company with a large team, with a lot of senior developers who know TypeScript and they're not afraid of big frameworks like Angular, I would definitely advise to use Angular in that case. And I'm super curious to find out what are your thoughts on this topic. So please leave a comment and subscribe to this channel if you like this video. Also, you can follow me on other social media like LinkedIn and Twitter, very positively different tips and tricks on JavaScript and front end in general until the next time. Stay tuned.