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Angular vs React Smackdown

11.09.2017 at Devoxx


Matt Raible & Deepu K Sasidharan

This talk discusses the pros and cons of Angular and React and shows how they're similar, as well as how they're different. Deepu will defend React, Matt will defend Angular. We'll even show you the same app created with React and Angular via JHipster. Matt Raible: Java Champion and Developer Advocate @okta with a passion for skiing, mtn biking, VWs, & good 🍺. Driving a '66 21-window & a '90 Syncro. Made in Montana. Deepu K Sasidharan is a programmer with over 7 years of experience in architecture and design of enterprise applications on JVM. He is also a Javascript evangelist and UX Implementation expert. He is an ardent OSS supporter with many contributions to the JS and Java community, his most notable contributions are for the JHipster community where he is the co-lead and core team member. He currently works for Xebialabs, an enterprise DevOps software company, where he builds DevOps tools.