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Application Whitelisting in Linux Environment


by Radovan Sroka
At: FOSDEM 2020
❮p❯Are you a sysadmin and feeling paranoid? Let's promote security hardening to another level. Perhaps, with the concept of Application Whitelisting you will be able to sleep again.❮/p❯❮p❯In this session we are going to explain the Application Whitelisting idea and its implementation, what benefits are there from a security point of view and how it differs from competitors. We are going to show how to create a new set of rules based on distribution default for given examples. As a result, an attendee should be able to setup the Application Whitelisting framework on his server or workstation.❮/p❯
❮p❯This presentation is based on Red Hat/Fedora Linux environment.❮/p❯
Room: UA2.114 (Baudoux) Scheduled start: 2020-02-01 14:30:00