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Atomic Design: What it is and Why You Should Use it


Presented by WWCode Boulder/Denver Join us for our Monthly Javascript meetup, online. Zoom link will be posted 30 minutes before the event!
✨Lightning Talk ✨ Ray (Rachel Blue) -Atomic Design: What It Is and Why you Should Use it in Your Projects
In this session we will cover what Atomic Design is, why you should use it in your projects, and go over implementation in an example project
🎙️ About Our Speaker As a front-end application developer with an award winning background in hackathons, Ray bridges the gap of UX/UE with front-end SPAs.
Ray has spent the last few years highly honing her front end web mastery. Specializing in Javascript, the React framework, React Hooks, and database tools like Firebase. As well as incorporating team tools and enforcement of code standards with eslint Airbnb standards, Git, Git Flow, and Atomic Design.
🎉 What this meetup is about
Everyone is welcome, no matter what level. The first half of the meetup is lightning talk is focused on icebreakers and a lightning talk + coding demo. Then, the second half is individual projects and questions. Don't have a project you're working on? No problem, we'd love for you to come anyway. Start a group project with other meetup attendees. Brush up on your JS skills. Use our resource guide, google, and each other to create something awesome. Or just come to hang out and meet people!
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⏰ Agenda
6:00 PM – Arrive & Network 6:05 – 6:20 PM – Welcome/ Announcements, Icebreaker 6:20 – 6:40 PM – Lightning Talk, Coding Demo/Code-Along 6:40 – 7:00 PM – Q&A, Networking
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