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Back to Basics: Algebraic Data Types - Arthur O'Dwyer - CppCon 2020

English --- One of the hallmarks of "modern C++" is a transition from classic object-orientation to value semantics with algebraic data types such as `variant` and `tuple`. In this session we'll explain the math behind the name, and we'll delve deep into the meaning and usage of all of the algebraic data types in C++17: pair, tuple, optional, and variant. These types have some commonalities, such as the use of type-traits to access their component types, and a common approach to implicit conversions and comparisons. We'll show how to use std::optional for deferred initialization and how to replace dynamic polymorphism with visitation over a std::variant. We'll even deliver some guidance on when NOT to return a tuple, and on how you should think about variant's "valueless by exception" state. Attendees will leave this session with a newfound appreciation for C++'s algebraic data types.
--- Arthur O'Dwyer is the author of "Mastering the C++17 STL" (Packt 2017) and of professional training courses such as "Intro to C++," "Classic STL: Algorithms, Containers, Iterators," and "The STL From Scratch." (Ask me about training your new hires!) Arthur is occasionally active on the C++ Standards Committee and has a blog mostly about C++. He is also the author of "Colossal Cave: The Board Game," an avid club juggler, and the recipient of four Knuth checks.
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