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Back to Basics: C++ Smart Pointers - David Olsen - CppCon 2022

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Back to Basics: C++ Smart Pointers - David Olsen - CppCon 2022
Smart pointers were one of the many powerful additions to C++11, providing programmers with easy-to-use tools to help manage memory resources and avoid certain kinds of memory errors. This back-to-basics session will give you a solid foundation in smart pointers, explaining what smart pointers are in general and how to use the standard smart pointer types std::unique_ptr and std::shared_ptr. It will present a set of clear guidelines for when and how to use smart pointers. Attendees will leave this session having learned, among other things, how to write code that never leaks memory. ---
David Olsen
David Olsen has more than two decades of software development experience in a variety of programming languages and development environments. For the last six years he has been the lead engineer for the NVIDIA HPC C++ compiler, focusing on running parallel algorithms on GPUs. He is a member of the ISO C++ committee, where he was the champion for the extended floating-point feature in C++23. ---
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