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Back to Basics: C++ Testing - Amir Kirsh - CppCon 2022

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Back to Basics: Unit Testing in C++ - Amir Kirsh - CppCon 2022
Proper developer testing is one of the most important steps in software development, and yet sometimes tend to be neglected, especially in C++. In this session we will talk about unit testing in C++, based on Google Test examples. We may cover also other testing frameworks, if time permits.
We would start with the first steps of creating automated unit tests and continue to complex scenarios that require using mocks. We would discuss the TDD approach as well as other unit testing best practices.
This session is part of the Back to Basics track and is aimed for C++ developers who do not use a proper testing framework today. More experienced developers are of course welcomed to join and enrich the discussion with their knowledge and experience. ---
Amir Kirsh
C++ lecturer at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo and Dev Advocate at Incredibuild. Previously the Chief Programmer at Comverse. Co-organizer of Core C++ conference and a member of the Israeli ISO C++ NB. Currently a visiting researcher at Stony Brook University, New-York. ---
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