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Back to Basics: Casting - Brian Ruth - CppCon 2021

English --- “In all cases, it would be better if the cast ... could be eliminated” --Bjarne Stroustrup. As this quote attests, casting has been controversial from the beginnings of C++ and yet, when used judiciously, continues to be a very powerful tool for the language. In this back to basics talk, we will look at the history of casing in C++, why we have the casts that we do have, how casting interacts with run time type information (RTTI), and what the compiler actually does when we add casts to our code. When we’re done, you should be able to know when to use (or not use) a cast and what effect it will have on your project.
--- Brian Ruth
Brian has been programming in C++ for 20+ years; working for both small and large companies on a wide variety of projects and technologies. For over a decade he worked with neuroscience researchers and created high speed acquisition, analysis and visualization software. He is currently a senior software engineer at Garmin, developing embedded devices and migrating legacy modules to C++. When he isn’t knee deep in code, he is enjoying a home brewed beer or building some furniture. He has been a volunteer at CppCon since 2015.
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