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Back to Basics: Concurrency (Multithreading Tactics in C++)


One of C++11's flagship features was the introduction of std::thread, along with a complete suite of synchronization primitives and useful patterns such as thread-safe static initialization. In this session, we'll motivate C++11's threading model and explain how to use std::thread effectively. We'll compare and contrast the C++11 synchronization primitives (mutex, condition variable, reader-writer lock, and once-flag) as well as the primitives that are new in C++20 (semaphore, latch, and barrier). In particular, we'll show how to make a mutex and a condition variable work together. When using threads, it's important to avoid shared mutable state. We'll show how to tame that state via the "blue/green deployment" pattern, and briefly discuss how to use std::future and std::async to safely handle threads that produce answers.
Attendees will leave this session with a strong grasp on "multithreading tactics" in C++11 and beyond.
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