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Back to Basics: Exceptions - Klaus Iglberger - CppCon 2020

English --- Exceptions are the native error propagation mechanism in C++. If used properly, exceptions enable us to write simpler, more readable and more robust code. However, the path there can be tricky and unfortunately the exception mechanism isn't without flaws. This talk sheds somelight on the current issues with exceptions and why a large part of the C++ community isn't using them. It also gives guidelines and best practices on how to deal with exceptions and how touse them properly. It will go into detail about the exception safety guarantees, explains the tradeoffs between them, and demonstrates by example the individual steps necessary to reach them.
--- Klaus Iglberger is a freelancing C++ trainer and consultant. He has finished his PhD in computer science in 2010 and since then is focused on large-scale C++ software design. He shares his experience in popular advanced C++ courses around the world (mainly in Germany, but also the EU and US). Additionally, he is the initiator and lead designer of the Blaze C++ math library ( and one of the organizers of the Munich C++ user group (
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