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Back to Basics: Smart Pointers and RAII - Inbal Levi - CppCon 2021

English --- In this talk we will overview one of the most fundamental and useful abilities of C++: Resource Acquisition Is Initialization. We'll start with an overview of "what is a resource" and understand the difficulties of managing resources in modern programming. Next, we will overview a few solutions suggested in the software development world, and analyze their pros and cons.
We will then deep dive into C++'s suggested solutions, including smart pointers, and learn how to combine them in our code. Finally, we will discuss RAII from a design perspective, and how to apply a user-defined RAII solution to your code.
At the end of the talk you'll be familiar with resource management in software applications in general, and have the toolbox for applying it to your C++ project.
This talk will assume knowledge of topics presented in: "Back to Basics: Pointers", "Back To Basics: Special Member Functions"
--- Inbal Levi
Inbal Levi is an embedded software engineer with a passion for high performance. She is a director at ISO C++ foundation, co chair of Library Evolution, the chair of SG9 (Ranges group) of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 (the C++ Standards Committee) and of the ISO C++ Israeli NB, and one of the organizers of CoreCpp conference and user group.
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