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Be a Star at Your New Job: Follow 30/60/90 Plan


Presented by WWCode CONNECT REIMAGINE Speaker: Sonali Kalgaonkar, Group Development Manager @ Intuit Inc, Software Development
Starting a new job/internship comes with tons of emotions and loads of questions. Will I fit in my team? Will I be able to contribute? How will I impress and succeed in new position? Well, in this student opportunity lab I will introduce you to 30/60/90-day plan which will help you plan your goals for next 90 days, track your progress and achievement and establish your brand in your new job.
Sonali has been in the software industry for 18 years and currently works as a Group Product Development Manager and leads Tech Women at the Intuit chapter at Plano, TX. She has always been a passionate engineer and a strong champion of women in technology. Her passion includes building a high-performing team with a diversity and inclusion mindset. She also leads innovation in engineering teams through innovation days and unstructured time and creating a space where engineers can do the best work of their life. Her expertise is back-end engineering, building server components for multitier applications. She also helps teams to achieve operational excellence and better developer productivity by implementing DevOps, continuous testing, integration, and deployment (CI/CD), container deployment in Docker and is a certified AWS Developer.
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