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Being An Invaluable Employee


“I’m an excellent developer, my work is professional and I always meet deadlines. However, I often feel that this is not as appreciated as it should be” “I’m often unsure if it is the right time to ask for help” “My manager keeps checking on me, I feel she doesn’t trust me”
If these statements ring a familiar bell, this talk is for you. After Miri’s many years as a VP R&D, she intimately knows both perspectives, yours and your managers’, and can bridge between them. In this talk Miri will discusses: - How to convey messages that help you achieve your goals? - How to communicate with your manager and peers so that they see you and appreciate your work? - And how to do it all when working from home?
Bio: Miri Curiel served as VP R&D in various companies (both startups and large companies) until a while ago when she pivoted to a mentoring and consulting career. Having a deep tech management background, she helps hi-tech companies scale up their management teams, Product/Engineering processes, and work culture. Miri is also a popular speaker on the subjects of management, career, and diversity.