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Being Humble & Learning with Others with Ady Ngom | Roadmap to Learning Angular E4 | ng-conf


Learning a computer language is hard enough by itself, but what about when most of the learning content isn't in your native language? Ady Ngom, engineer, speaker, and organizer of TinyConf, shares his story of learning how to code as a non-native English speaker and mastering the art of tricking yourself out of Imposter Syndrome (Goku who??). Ady also shares how his shift when learning new programming concepts shifted from not necessarily learning what to learn but getting comfortable learning HOW to learn.
ng-conf is a three-day Angular conference focused on delivering the highest quality training in the Angular JavaScript framework. 1500+ developers from across the globe converge on Salt Lake City, UT every year to attend talks and workshops by the Angular team and community experts.
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