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Beyond Serverless and DevOps- Aviran Mordo


For decades the software industry has been constantly trying to deliver software faster and cheaper. We constantly develop ways to be more efficient, from software development methodologies and cultural changes such as Scrum, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, supported by technology architecture, to tools such as cloud, microservices, and serverless.
In this talk, Aviran describes how is pushing this trend even further to build its own Platform as a Runtime (PaaR) infrastructure that will eventually evolve the development paradigm to allow developers to develop faster and better. By allowing nano deployments we think we can achieve “stream development” where you develop almost directly onto your production system extremely quickly and safely, thus delivering quick business value.
In this session Aviran also describes why the current serverless platforms are not good enough, what’s the Wix’s vision towards serverless platform, the steps we already took to get there, and how it affected our developers who use this system to achieve extremely high velocity.
// Aviran Mordo. VP Engineering, Wix
Aviran is a tech-savvy and technology blogger, with a vast knowledge of internet technologies, software engineering, team building, continuous delivery, and a dev-centric culture advocate.
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