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Beyond struct: Meta-programming a struct Replacement in C++20 - John Bandela - CppCon 2021

English --- The humble struct. We all use it. We all bump up against its limitations, especially when trying to manipulate it at compile time.
What if I told you that C++20 has enough features that we can meta-program a struct replacement?
Want to have static, compile-time introspection?
Want to add and remove members with compile-time programming?
Want to have type deduction for members?
Want to easily convert from array of structures to structure of arrays (SOA) to optimize cache-friendly traversal?
C++20 allows us to do all these things and more!
No preprocessors, no macros, just standard C++.
Come join me as we explore the magic unleashed by C++20!
--- John Bandela
I first started programming in C++ at age 14 in 1994 when I cajoled my parents into buying me Visual C++ 1.0 for my birthday. It took a while, but as I learned the language, I decided I really liked C++. I attended the University of Florida and obtained my undergraduate degree in Computer and Information Science. During my undergraduate time, I created and submitted Boost.Tokenizer. I went on to medical school and neurosurgery residency, but decided to do something with a little less scary undefined behavior and returned to programming in C++.
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