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Bless You My Dev | Matthias Dugué | reactjsday 2020


"How to Improve the Developer eXperience. Our frontend tooling has become a very complex environment. We load dependencies, run tasks, bundle assets, version source code, and push in production… all with a common tool: our Terminal. During the last years, mainstream projects all had developed CLI to helps their users (we, as developers) to manage their daily actions. With many talks in conferences dedicated to the lovely Terminal. Though, some projects still tend to defend a GUI approach. At least, they provide it optionnaly to their users, like Vue-CLI that provide both a CLI and a Web Interface to manage projects visually. Developers are users like others. We should not constraint them to use our tools the way we want. So, if some need CLI, and others prefer GUI, why not trying to unify them with a GUI… in the Terminal! Let's see a project that aims to bring powerful interfaces inside developers terminal to improve their day to day tasks, using React, Node.js, and Ncurses (with Blessed). Discover how building new kinds of interfaces may become insanely fun!"
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