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BrisJS - August 2021 - LiveStream: Talking of talks, Share between TypeScript projects


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Hey everyone! Thanks for being patient and staying around to hear about the submissions being presented Monday 9th on our August livestream! Check out some of the details below...
📹 Youtube Livestream of the Virtual Event: If you RSVP on meetup you'll see the youtube link on this event page (on the right sidebar!), and you can subscribe to the BrisJS youtube channel ( to get the alert and link of the stream going live 👍
❓ Questions/voting and feedback will be gathered using Slido for Q&A: (or the code of #222)
I'd be ever so grateful for this wonderful community of ours to get their thinking caps on now and contribute a talk of any length for any of the upcoming meetup monthly events. Your talks keep BrisJS alive!
Talking of Talks - DeveloperSteve Coochin - 20m (@DeveloperSteve) Ever wanted to give a talk on something but didn’t know how to go about it? This meta session is taking a look all the things you need to know about putting together a speaking session. From camera positioning for virtual events, call for paper submissions (CFP), talk story flow and topics. We are even going to look at the scary topic of ……. demo failure gasp (that never happens right?)
Sharing code between TypeScript projects - Ashley Davis - 20m (@ashleydavis75) We all know that we can share TypeScript code through npm, but did you know that there's a more direct way to share code between your TypeScript projects? In this talk we will explore using TypeScript "project references" to created shared code libraries. It's a great approach that works well for both mono-repos and meta-repos We'll look at some specific examples. How to share a code library into a Node.js application, then sharing code between microservices or Docker images and even how to share code between the frontend and the backend.
Lots of opportunity for Q&A through Slido too! Get your thinking caps on and see you on the night!
🔆 Our zoom pro account is sponsored by PCCW Global.
❓ Why not volunteer to speak next time? We're taking talks anytime! for details... or... 🔊 You can check our Github issues page for upcoming topics: 🆕 Submit a new topic with a template:
👉 Code of Conduct BrisJS is dedicated to a harassment-free experience for everyone. Our anti-harassment policy can be found at: We expect everyone to abide by this straight-forward policy to attend in person or interact online.
Please get in touch for presenting your insightful discoveries in the rapidly developing frontend or backend javascript world.
You're also welcome to get in touch with me at [email protected] (or tweet at @brisjs) for any information or future events.