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BrisJS - Dec 2020 - Live Stream - How We're Rolling Out DevOps is Dead Wrong, Lightning talks


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It's the final countdown! Our last BrisJS for the year, and coming to you live using our tried and tested zoom and youtube format. I've been holding on sending out the details for this month as long as i could to get confirmations, but we'll update you as new lightning talks may join the roster. This months featured talk is a long time coming but i'm so excited it's finally here... A huge thanks to our speaker volunteer Dallas Clark for this month! Find out more about the talk below...
❓ Questions/voting and feedback will be gathered using Slido for Q&A:
I'd be ever so grateful for this wonderful community of ours to get their thinking caps on now and contribute a talk of any length for any of the upcoming meetup monthly events. Your talk volunteering keeps BrisJS alive! Talks start up again in Feb 2021 :-)
💀 How We're Rolling Out DevOps is Dead Wrong - Dallas Clark - 25m (@dallasclark) In his own words, "I've seen a number of organisations/teams rollout 'DevOps' and miss the main necessary characteristics of the movement."... and if you've experienced it done right or wrong in the past you can definitely understand his dismay. Dallas will be taking us through what problems existed in the past (and present!), common pitfalls during rollout and how DevOps resolves these issues when done RIGHT. Lots of opportunity for Q&A through Slido too! Get your thinking caps on!
Still to be confirmed... Lighting talks: ⚡️ How to get your first job as a developer while being a student from another country? ⚡️ Micro solutions to annoying problems: busting your browser cache.
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