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BrisJS - Feb 2021 - Live Stream - Mobile Apps for Noobs, Service Workers, JS node-red, REST Client


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Welcome friends of JS! We're off and running for 2021! While the health directives still don't permit our large social gatherings, we're bringing you all the talks goodness live, using our tried and tested zoom and youtube format. Thanks for your patience while I could lock in the best date for our speakers to be available this month. A huge thanks as always to our 4 speakers (!!!!) for this month, who you can read more about below...
❓ Questions/voting and feedback will be gathered using Slido for Q&A:
I'd be ever so grateful for this wonderful community of ours to get their thinking caps on now and contribute a talk of any length for any of the upcoming meetup monthly events. Your talk volunteering keeps BrisJS alive!
🌊 Going with the flow, building nodes with JS for node-red - Steven Coochin - 15m (@developersteve) Steven gives us a short talk about node-red (open sourced low code/no code) and how it's really handy for prototyping (particularly at hackathons). He'll also show how easy it is to build and deploy nodes to the community. Not only that, he'll be giving us a look at some of the projects he used it for, including some of the TelstraDev joint demos... how it powers his coffee table and even wedding cake!
📲 Mobile App Development for Noobs using React Native and Expo - Scott Bolland - 20m (GH: uqsbolla) This talk is for those interested in learning more about mobile app development using Javascript and React. Scott will be providing a cook's tour of React Native and Expo, and diving into some of his favourite online resources and tutorials, that can get you writing and deploying your own quite sophisticated apps in a number of days.
⚡️ REST Client - Ashley Davis - 10m (@ashleydavis75) REST Client is a plugin to Visual Studio Code that allows you to define and make REST API request directly from VSCode. This is such a useful tool. It's like Postman (but not as sophisticated) except with the convenience of not having to leave VSCode ...and you can also easily version control your request files and store them in your VSCode project.
⭐️ Service Workers (PWAs) - Ameenur Rahman - 20m (linkedin: ameenur-rahman-093a224b) A service worker is a script that your browser runs in the background, separate from a web page, opening the door to features that don't need a web page or user interaction. Today, they already include features like push notifications and background sync. The core feature discussed in this talk is the ability to intercept and handle network requests, including programmatically managing a cache of responses.
Lots of opportunity for Q&A through Slido too! Get your thinking caps on and see you on the night!
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