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BrisJS - June 2020 - Live Stream - Frontend Application Bundles, WebAuthn, Our path to NextJS


❓Questions/voting and feedback will be gathered using Slido for Q&A:
Hi Everyone! I hope you'll join us for another online edition of BrisJS! Thanks for sticking by us as we needed to postpone by 1 week. With that time well spent - we gathered up 3 great volunteered speakers for the night, live streaming for you :)
❓ Questions/voting and feedback will be gathered using Slido for Q&A:
Many thanks for the community call out to get our speakers tonight - it means so very much to have your continued support. We're still all online for the time being, and we still really need more volunteers, so please don't be shy, do get in touch for next month or beyond!
Introducing Frontend Application Bundles - Docker for Frontend - Erwin van der Koogh (@evanderkoogh) - 25m Glen Maddern and Erwin have been working on a thing called Frontend Application Bundles. It is a way to package up any kind of frontend application and deploy it seamlessly to anywhere such as Cloudflare workers, [email protected], Vercel (was Zeit) or your own infrastructure. Not only does it support static sites, but also fully server-side rendered applications and anything in between. So it is easy to sprinkle in a little bit of server-side logic in your otherwise static app. Erwin can show us a bit about this structure and how to get using it to save time and sanity.
Say Goodbye to Passwords and Hello to WebAuthn - Ben Dechrai (@bendechrai + - 25m Identifying ourself to access social media, banking details, and every aspect of our online life is something we do potentially dozens of times a day. But as the nearly ten billion leaked account details documented by "';--have i been pwned?" attest, this process has a fatal weakness–passwords. The Web Authentication API (or WebAuthn) is a standard from the W3C and FIDO that "allows servers to register and authenticate users using public key cryptography instead of a password". WebAuthn is part of a set of standards that enable passwordless authentication between servers, browsers, and authenticators. It's supported in all modern browsers. In this presentation Ben Dechrai will outline how the technologies work, and how you can take advantage of them today to create a far more secure experience for your users.
Our path to NextJS - Cristian Campos (@ criscampos10) - 25m Christian and the team have gone through 4 iterations of since 2017, having 2 different CMS's, 4 code bases, and at least 3 different architectures with some hybrids in the middle. IN his real world presentation on this experience, he'll cover the overall evolution and technology stack in use, with some learnings and insights about efficiency.
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