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BrisJS - March 2021 - Live Stream - Building microservices with Node.js, Load Testing with


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Hi All, We're putting the March Meetup in the 2nd week of the month now, as we're trying to align the speakers schedules. Appreciate everyone's patience with the last minute changes. Good news is we have a heap of interest for April speakers which should make it much smoother sailing!
Yep, we're bringing you all the talks live and loud using zoom and youtube covid friendly format. If you can still contribute a short talk for this event, don't hesitate to reach out right away - the more the merrier.
📹 Youtube Livestream of the Virtual Event: If you RSVP on meetup you'll see the youtube link on this event page (on the right sidebar!), and you can subscribe to the BrisJS youtube channel ( to get the alert and link of the stream going live 👍
❓ Questions/voting and feedback will be gathered using Slido for Q&A:
I'd be ever so grateful for this wonderful community of ours to get their thinking caps on now and contribute a talk of any length for any of the upcoming meetup monthly events. Your talk volunteering keeps BrisJS alive!
🖖 Enjoyable Load Testing with - Load Testing Developers will Love - Andrei Hawke - 20m (linkedin: andrei-hawke-b9140a14/) Funny Things happen at scale. This talk is about how was adopted and reasons why. Andrei will take us through a walkthrough on some code samples (written in TypeScript) and why they think it's the load testing tool that JavaScript developers should love and learn.
🧩 How to start your own open source project - 20m (@ashleydavis) Great for the new starters - Ashley will be helping us to understand how to start our own open-source project, with a whirlwind tour of how to, Start a Node.js project, get it on GitHub, and publish it on npm! We'll look at this through the lens of his latest small open source project: Figit... as he has literally just started Figit this week, you'll be able to watch live as he makes the code open source and publishes it on npm for the first time - history in the making!
Lots of opportunity for Q&A through Slido too! Get your thinking caps on and see you on the night!
🔆 Our zoom pro account is sponsored by PCCW Global.
❓ Why not volunteer to speak next time? We're taking talks anytime! for details... or... 🔊 You can check our Github issues page for upcoming topics: 🆕 Submit a new topic with a template:
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Please get in touch for presenting your insightful discoveries in the rapidly developing frontend or backend javascript world.
You're also welcome to get in touch with me at [email protected] (or tweet at @brisjs) for any information or future events.