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Build a responsive typescript wdio framework by Varuna Srivastava & Wim Selles #SeConf2020


- Participate in this workshop to learn how to put together the concepts of a wdio and typescript in a mocha framework that is scalable, robust, easy to read. We will be sharing our real-time experience of how we migrated our testing approach, design and framework when our application was migrating from javascript to a typescript architecture.
You will leave with your very own example automation framework that demonstrates advanced principles of wdio using typescript automation design. We will integrate with allure reporting.
Key takeaways: - A robust and scalable framework with the advanced principle for ui testing. - A selection of design patterns for the designing framework. - Concepts in designing your ui automation such as modeling data within your application and componentizing page objects. - A framework which is responsive for web applications.
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