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Build Everything From Scratch : A Case Study in Fear - Dave Steffen - CppCon 2020

English --- Two years ago Titus Winters gave a talk at Pacific++ called "C++ Past vs. Future" where he described the perils of linking files compiled at different times in different ways, which can easily lead to One-Definition-Rule violations and undefined behavior. This is not an abstract or theoretical problem, nor one restricted to C++, but is a present menace waiting in our build systems and in our operating system's prebuilt libraries. As a public service, I present a case study of a compiler upgrade, a deeply mysterious bug, and a popular open-source project with a C interface that cannot be delivered as a pre-built library without putting users in peril.
--- Dave Steffen completed his Ph.D. in theoretical physics at Colorado State University in 2003, and promptly changed course for a career in software engineering. He has worked primarily in defence and aerospace, and is currently a technical lead at SciTec Inc.'s Boulder office. For reasons unknown, he has turned out to be the expert, champion, and occasional street-corner evangelist for unit testing at most of the companies he has ever worked at.
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