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Build Your Cloud Infrastructure as Code With .Net Core - Hossam Barakat


Scott Hanselman
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Have you heard about Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and would like to start applying it? Have you found tools like ARM templates, CloudFormation and Terraform verbose and fiddly? Would you like to provision your infrastructure safely and repeatedly using your favourite tools and language? Have you heard about Pulumi and would like to learn more? ...then this talk is for you!
Pulumi is an open-source Infrastructure as Code tool that enables using general-purpose programming languages like C#, TypeScript, Go, and Python to define infrastructure resources which is a better approach over using text-based formats like ARM templates, CloudFormation or Terraform.
With Pulumi, developers can utilise their favourite tools and IDEs, avoid learning another infrastructure DSL and capitalise on their existing knowledge and skillset to define infrastructure resources.
By the end of the talk, you'll understand how Pulumi works, how to use Pulumi with .Net Core to provision cloud infrastructure resources and assemble resources into higher-level abstractions that can be packaged and reused within your company.
You will get the most out of this talk if you are familiar with any of the cloud platforms Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.