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Building a Productivity App in Vanilla Javascript


Presented by WWCode Frontend Speaker: Nayeon Shin Topic: Building a Productivity App in Vanilla JS
Momentum is a Chrome extension that’s a productivity tool. Its main features include:
Greeting users by their name Displaying the current clock and weather Letting users make a to-do list. But it comes with many limited features if you’re not paying $3.33/month to use the premium version. So I decided to make my own to take full advantage of such a productivity tool freely. ( In this workshop, I will introduce how I created and deployed from scratch a static single page application (SPA) in HTML/CSS/Vanilla JS only. We will look into the bits and pieces of this project and learn topics such as: implementing fade in/out animations, leveraging local storage not to lose data on refresh,and hiding an API key using Netlify.
This is not an interactive session where attendees will code with the speaker. The prerequisites are the basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
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