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Building a self-documenting component library for your company

03.20.2018 at Reactathon

San Francisco

David Wells (Serverless)

Design systems are an extremely efficient way to scale out a scalable frontend solution across multiple teams in a large (or growing) organization. Come and learn how to building an internal component library & design system can help your company ship and iterate faster. This talk will cover how David has built multiple design systems and will run through the protips and pitfalls learned along the way. TLDR; It’s easier than you think to create a scalable, maintainable UI library + Design system with React.
David Wells is a full stack developer at Serverless, Inc. in San Francisco. He is passionate about developer experience and creating products that are powerful and easy to use. His previous roles include lead UI/UX developer at Mulesoft and founder of Inbound Now, an open source marketing software platform. He specialized in Full stack JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Marketing, & UI/ UX.