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Building Decentralized Social Virtual Reality using WebXR on your browser


Rabimba Karanjai

by Rabimba Karanjai
At: FOSDEM 2020
Learn how to build auditable privacy aware social vre experinces right inside your webpage in javascript using WebXR API. That will be corss platform, instant and run in every device with a browser. Adapting to the MIxed Reality capability of your user. This session will give you a short primer on WebXR API's and hands-on on building a small social VR experience using open source tools and javascript in your browser. Virtual Reality (VR) is undoubtedly one of the most sought after technology of the present times. Everybody is trying to make their presence felt in the sphere. And one of the prime use cases of VR is shared spaces. It opens up possibility of having shared earning space, meeting space and even training space in real-time and in an interactive way. However often these kind of experiences are mired with privacy concerns, who is hosting the space, the data retained and who is observing the behaviors. On top the data retention implications.
What if we could build Virtual Reality experiences right on the browser using JavaScript and all the shared room logic too in an open auditable way. And what if we could host it in decentralized way. Where it would be resistant to takedowns and have ability for users to host their own rooms.
Interested in social VR, know about the possibilities it open, want to get your hands wet but don't want to invest learning another tool? Don't want to commit to the steep learning curve or buy expensive machines up front? Or are you afraid of the walled garden of SDK's? In this talk we rip open the veiled wall of proprietary VR with Web Virtual Reality designed to run in browser in any device including your phone. Learn how to build auditable privacy aware social VR experiences right inside your webpage in JavaScript using WebXR API. Adapting to the Mixed Reality capability of your user.
Room: H.1302 (Depage) Scheduled start: 2020-02-02 08:30:00