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Building High Performance Static Website with Angular

12.08.2017 at NG-BE 2017


Uri Shaked

Traditionally, AngularJS has been used for building rich single-page applications.
Nowadays, Angular has become a universal framework, running inside the browser, in the backend and even powering your mobile apps.
The new Angular version unlocks some interesting use-cases that were not previously possible. In this talk, we are going to see how to set up angular-universal together with fuse-box for building scalable, high-performance static web sites, such as a blog or a landing page that can be easily deployed to gh-pages or Firebase Hosting.
Did I mention hot-reloading, offline support and Progressive Web Apps?
Uri regularly speaks about Web and IoT-related topics around the world. He works part-time for BlackBerry, maintains several open-source projects and dances Salsa.